Ironhack Final Project

6 months later, and we are finally here, the end of a journey which involved countless hours on Figma and hours of Zoom meetings. The brief was simple — from start to finish create the best app you can in 5 weeks.

I wanted to tackle a…

Getting more familiar with Figma and designing a full prototype!

Hello world,

Today I’m here to write about our 5th project at Ironhack’s PT UX/UI Bootcamp. …

Uber, Uber Everywhere — Shade, IAMDDB (2017)

Hello world,

Today I’m here to write about the fourth project in our Ironhack Part Time (didn’t feel like part time for this project) Bootcamp. This is the first project that I could potentially include in my professional portfolio and the brief was simple. From a list, we were given…


Goooooood Morning world, this article is brought to you by Andasha Wardhana, Alex In The Dam, and Dila Ozer. Today we’ll be writing about our third Ironhack project — designing an e-commerce site for a local business that either did not have one, or had one that needed discernible…

This article is co-written by Alex In The Dam, Alice and Andasha

Are you a UX/UI Designer or a problem solver?

There are no problems, only challenges. Ironhack wanted to test how creatively we would take on this challenge:

“How Might We limit the spread of Covid-19 and contain hot-spots…

Malgorzata, Girika Upadhyay, Alex In The Dam, Maud de Boer

Last week, we completed our first group project at Ironhacks’ part time UX/UI Design course. …

Ironhack Challenge 3: Usability Evaluation and Site Redesign


For this third Ironhack challenge, I was tasked with redesigning a popular trip planning website based on respondents’ main problems with the way it currently looks and works.

Before tackling this task, I had to choose a target audience that was…

App Selection

For this challenge, I choose the Deliveroo app. I decided to use this app because admittedly I probably order food too much, and most of the time I use Deliveroo. …

Challenge 1: Design Thinking — Ironhack


Citymapper is an app (and website) that is probably not well known by many as Google Maps is the chosen app of choice by most to get around from point A to point B. If you ask most people, Google Maps is The…

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