Case Study: Designing an e-commerce site for a local business

Gerda’s Bloemen in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets
Bakfiets for the delivery
Inside the shop running interviews
Our User Persona
The only instance of Smell-O-Vision
Value Proposition Canvas 🤓
Home Screen
Select Order Screen
  • Some wanted to add flower care instructions
  • Adding a note to your delivery should be before checkout
  • People did not know what the two x’s meant on top of the pages
  • Price did not seem to be super clear as to what it represented and that is a big no-no.
Home Screen
Order Selection Screen
Usability Test Results
  • Test often, and test early: there is no point in testing your mid-fi once you’ve already put hours of work into it
  • Implement the changes that have the most impact with the lowest effort: at first we wanted to do everything, add colours, add themes, etc. This might not be a bad idea in the long run but focus on what your customers want to see the most and what is most feasible to implement
  • Support your local businesses: it might seem like the easy thing to do is go on big e-commerce providers like Amazon or, but in these tough times for local business, spend your hard earned dollars (or euros) on local businesses that have been part of your community for a while, they need our support



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