Improving Transport Apps

  1. The lack of features with offline maps is very frustrating when traveling abroad
  2. The lack of data makes traveling more difficult
  3. The lack of ability to buy tickets from any one central location is frustrating and currency and language barriers are equally cumbersome
  4. Amsterdam tourists don’t know how to bike and canals are frustrating (mostly unrelated and a known fact but funny anecdote that came from the interviews)
Exhibit 1: A rookie’s wire-framing attempt
  1. The interview process really needs to be iterated at all times. My interview questions largely stayed the same and in the future needs to have room for more improvisation or added questions. Again I feel like this was because these were my first interviews in a long time.
  2. The interview process although the “less seen” aspect of the whole process is the most important. As without good interviews, you have no good findings, not much to ideate on and therefore the whole process suffers. It really feels like building a house without a solid foundation.
  3. Putting things down on paper is important, more ideas came to me and once I had isolated the themes by highlighting them on my document, putting them down on paper was really when I could see how I would move forward with the wireframing.



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