Investigating Deliveroo’s UI

Alex In The Dam
1 min readJun 18, 2020


App Selection

For this challenge, I choose the Deliveroo app. I decided to use this app because admittedly I probably order food too much, and most of the time I use Deliveroo. I use Deliveroo because I like the way it looks and I like how simple I feel it is to use, compared to competitors like

Flow Selection

For the purpose of the exercise I kept it fairly simple and decided to mimic the user flow from the selection of a restaurant all the way to the checkout. It was interesting to see how many clicks it would take to get all the way to the checkout. If you have a fairly simple order and you know what you want this can be achieved in just 6 to 7 clicks. I choose this because it was interesting for me to understand just how quick and easy it could be to order food.

Task Analysis

Task Analysis? Describe the task analysis of the flow you choose to work with

Lo-fi to Mid-fi

Here is what the lo-fi version looked like

Lo-fi (but not the music genre)

You can find an interactive Mid-fi prototype on Invision here.



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