Redesigning Tripadvisor’s Website

  • No distance from airport on map
  • NO MAP, this was the most important blocker that all interviewees had that created a frustrating experience. The interviewees wanted to see everything on a map, how far the airport was from the main attractions, how far the hotels were from Petra, how far each experience was from one another. The map feature either: sucked, didn’t load properly, or was largely incomplete. As such one interviewee even went on Google Maps to find out more information, which is not something Tripadvisor would want.
  • There was too much information for some, with the experiences not being filtered properly and causing an anxious experience on the site. You don’t know where to start with experiences and therefore need recommendations based on dates
  • Some clicked opened new tabs while others did not, this was confusing and annoying, interviewees would “click and open in new tab” function through Google Chrome
  • Interviewees would have liked to have map + distance + recommended routes
  • When choosing the “non-stop” flight filter, Tripadvisor could not find any but also did not recommend any alternatives, showing bad visibility of system status. Pop-ups were also annoying and unnecessary
A Smple Tripadvisor Redesign



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